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Find a simple way to create stunning cone in PowerPoint under 60 seconds. Follow the step by step instruction to create this useful PowerPoint shape.

The PowerPoint cone we will create today is:

PowerPoint Cone Diagram

Where can you use layered cone diagram?

The uses for this shape are limited only by your imagination.

You can use the cone in your Marketing presentations to convey the relationship between income levels and number of potential prospects. You can use it in strategic presentations to convey different layers in hierarchy and so on.

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Here are the step wise instructions to create the Cone diagram:

Step 1: Creating the base shape

A cone is nothing but a combination of a triangle and oval shapes.

cone parts

Draw the two shapes using the auto shapes menu. Remove the outline. Align the oval shape along the bottom edge of the triangle. Group the two shapes together. You will get the following simple diagram:

Merged cone diagram

Step 2: Using Gradient shade to give it a 3D look

The next step is to give a 3D look to the shape. We will use the Gradient fill option to achieve the result.

NOTE: In PowerPoint 2007, please follow these steps

Right click on the shape. Go to Format Shape -> Fill -> Gradient fill -> Preset colors -> Moss

gradient tools powerpoint

This fill color option provides the gradient stops we require. Choose the fill type as ‘Linear’ and Direction as ‘Linear Right’.

In PowerPoint 2007: You can select the following options for the 3 stop gradient fill:

Stop 1: Darkest shade of a color (in our case blue).

Stop 2: Choose the middle tone of the same color. Choose the position as 33%.

Stop 3: Choose the lightest tone of the same color. Choose the position as 67%.

That should get the following result:

cone in powerpoint  with gradient

In PowerPoint 2010 & 2013, please follow these steps

In PowerPoint 2010 and 2013, the preset gradients are not available. So you can follow these simple steps:

Click in the Cone, and set Shape Fill Color to Gradient > Linear Left
Gradient Fill  for Cone

Next we need to adjust the gradients. So go to Format Tab > Format Shape > Shape Options > Gradient Fill
Finding Gradient Fill option

Change your Gradient Stops to following settings:

Gradient Fill Settings for Cone
Stop 1: Lightest shade of a color (in our case blue).

Stop 2: Choose the middle tone of the same color. Choose the position as 33%.

Stop 3: Choose the darkest tone of the same color. Choose the position as 67%.

Step 3: Creating a dark shadow at the base

The next step is to create a shadow to complete the 3D look. The shadow we will create is:

PowerPoint Shadow effect

First draw an elliptical shape. Go to Format Shape -> Fill -> Gradient fill. Choose the fill type as ‘Path’ instead of ‘Linear’. Remove one of the stops, so you have just 2 stops.

Now select the following options for the gradient fills:

Stop 1: Select Black color. Set the transparency level to 15%. This is essential to give a natural feel for the shadow.

Stop 2: Choose white. Let the position be 100%. Set the transparency levels to 100%.  Your shadow is ready.

When you put the shape and the shadow together you will get the following result. Of course, you need to choose ‘Send to Back’ option for the shadow:

PowerPoint cone diagram final

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Step 4: Creating the layers

You can cut the PowerPoint cone into different slices using PowerPoint 2010 & 2013. But, that would be tedious and we are not going to suggest that option. We will use the arc tool to give an illusion of sliced layers. The arc tool can be located in auto shapes:

 arc tool in powerpoint

Draw an arc shape on the cone. Adjust the handles to get semi elliptical shape. Color it white to get the following result:

PowerPoint cone shape with arcs

You can divide the cone into as many layers as you want using the method.

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Conclusion about PowerPoint Cone Diagram:

Cone in PowerPoint is a useful diagram to convey your message visually. Here are some samples from our 750+ PowerPoint Charts & Diagram CEO pack. The pack has hundreds of fully editable, high quality PowerPoint diagrams you can copy paste to your slides, to create professional presentations instantly.

Here is are some pyramid and cone shapes included in the pack:

PowerPoint Cone Diagram Sample

Unlike the diagram we just created, the layers here are completely independent and editable.

If you want to use pyramid shape instead of a PowerPoint cone, here is your option:

PowerPoint pyramid

Source: Pyramid Diagrams from 750+ Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack

If you want an alternate cone with levels to convey your idea, take a look at this:

PowerPoint levels cone

The pack is a treasure house of creative diagrams that can inspire you each time you want to convey your message. If you are a business presenter, the pack is an indispensable tool to make high stakes presentations. Find the Charts & Diagrams CEO pack here.


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