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Create a Transparent Cylinder easily. Follow our satep by step PowerPoint tutorials to create this useful diagram.

The PowerPoint Cylinder diagram template you’ll learn is:

Transparent PowerPoint Cylinde You can use the diagram to represent:

  • Collection of various factors that form a solution
  • Database from various sources
  • Inputs from various departments etc.

You can use variations of the diagram to represent strategic concepts like – merging of two organizational cultures as follows:

Strategic Diagram with Cylinder Let us see how we can create the transparent cylinder step by step.

Step 1: Create the cylinder

Draw a circle using ‘Oval’ tool from auto shapes menu.

Circle from PowerPoint Menu Right click on the cylinder and go to ‘Format Shape’ option. Go to ‘3D rotation’ and enter the following values:
Circle 3D Rotatio You will get a flat circle. Now go to ‘3D Format’ option and choose ‘Slope’ Bevel. Make sure that ‘height’ of the Top bevel is 250. You will get a beautiful cylinder like this:

3D Slope Option for Cylinder Shape It is time to make the cylinder transparent.

Go to ‘Material’ Tab and choose ‘Clear’ option. In ‘Lighting’ choose ‘Contrasting’ option. Use Dark Gray color for Fill and Outline.You will get a beautiful transparent PowerPoint cylinder like this when you follow these tutorial steps:

Setting for Transparenc Next, its time to create a thick circular base to rest the transparent cylinder.

Step 2: Creating the base

Take a copy of the same flat circle you used to create our transparent cylinder. Right click -> Format Shape -> Depth =10Pt. Use Dark Gray color to fill shape and outline.

The base is now ready. Place it under the transparent cylinder and use ‘Send to back’ option. The result will be:

Transparent Cylinder inPowerPoint Step 3: Creating the fill

Make a copy of the transparent cylinder. Reduce the height of the 3D bevel to 200 (instead of the current 250 used for the cylinder). Change the fill color to suit your need. Go to ‘Material’ and use ‘Translucent powder’ option.

Fill Option Menuin PowerPoin When you place this in front of the transparent cylinder you created earlier, you will get a realistic fill effect as follows:

Steps To Create FilledCylinder You can vary colors, add design elements, add call outs etc. to this PowerPoint Cylinder create your own diagram templates.

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