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Discover a simple way to draw hollow cylinder in 3D in PowerPoint.  It is better than the regular cylinder in the shapes menu as this can be customized in many ways.

This PowerPoint Cylinder tutorial is for:

3D PowerPoint Cylinder

The ‘3D can’ looks realistic with its lights and shades. The diagram is as useful as it is beautiful.

Where to use 3D cylinder?

A hollow cylinder is a metaphor for information or data reservoir. Take a look at the following two examples where we used the cylinder diagram in a conceptual way:

Cylinder Example IN PowerPoint

Cylinder Example Concept

You can use the diagram to represent ideas like:

  • Information collection
  • Sorting of data into buckets
  • Origination of ideas from a core concept etc.

Let us learn to draw the diagram in a step by step way:

Step 1: Draw a circle and give it a 3D perspective

Go to Auto shapes. Use ‘Oval’ tool to draw a circle while holding the ‘Shift’ button. In this example, we drew a circle with the height and width as 2.5” each.

Basic Circle for Hollow

Right click on the circle. Go to Format Shape -> 3D rotation -> Presets ->Off axis 1 Top.

3D Perspective for Circle

The circle gets transformed into a disc as follows:

3D Perspective for Circle

Step 2: Apply bevel effect

Right click on the shape. Go to Format shape -> 3D format -> Top -> Slope.

Bevel Menu for Circle

The result is this attracitve 3D disc:

3D Format Disc

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Step 3: Give it depth

Now that you have applied bevel effect to the ‘Top’ portion of your cylinder, it is time to make the cylinder hollow. For this, enter the following values for ‘Top’:

Width = 10Pt and Height = 60Pt. Enter Depth = 150Pt.

Depth to 3D Cylinder

Your hollow cylinder should look like this:

 Basic PowerPoint Cylinder

Change the colors of the fill and outline to suit your specific needs. You can add appropriate shadows to give the shapes a more realistic feel:

Colored Cylinders

Now let your imagination guide you to create your own set of diagram templates.

Variations in Using Cylinders with Concepts:

We wish to show you some interesting options in Cylinders that help you convey your ideas and concepts accurately. The following diagram templates are part of our ‘750+ PowerPoint Charts & Diagram templates pack for CEOs:

PowerPoint Cylinder Pros and Cons from CEO Pack

Source: Pros and Cons Section of CEO Pack

Goals from PowerPoint CEO Pack

Source: Goals from PowerPoint CEO Pack

Cylinder shape Chart from CEO Pack

Source: PowerPoint Cylinders – Editable Charts from CEO Pack

PowerPoint Cylinder Pipeline from CEO Pack

Source: Sales Concepts from CEO Pack

Hope you found the tutorial and creative suggestions useful!

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