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Find some useful ideas for Dashboard charts in PowerPoint. Add more insights to your business intelligence reports with these practical ideas.

A quick word about PowerPoint Dashboard charts:

The quality of business intelligence you provide to your managers is vital to your business success. PowerPoint dashboards constructed with simple and insightful charts are a good way to providethat intelligence. In this article, we will explore a few useful combinations of charts that add value to your dashboard reports.

Note: All the data driven dashboard chart templates you see in this article are taken from our Visual PowerPoint Graphs pack. The pack has more than 320 business relevant graph templates that are super easy to use. You can pick and choose chart templates from the pack to make your own dashboards.

1. Performance Bar Chart & Comparison to Average

It is common to see bar charts used in dashboards to show performance values. A useful addition is a chart that compares individual performance values with average value. Here is an example of the combination:

PowerPoint Dashboard Comparison

These two charts in combination help you identify the problem areas you need to work on.Let us see how we can take this combination to the next level…

2.Performance values compared to Range and Average

Instead of stopping at comparing absolute performance with average values using bar charts, you can use line charts to compare absolute performance of each brand to the range and average of all the brands you sell. Take a look at the following example:

Source: Dashboard Templates from PowerPoint CEO Pack

3. Change in % share compared to previous period

Talking of comparison, a common requirement of marketing executives is to compare percentage market share of different brands for two periods. A chart that not only shows the change, but also the extent of change is quite useful to be included in a dashboard. For example, take a look at the following:

 The chart on the left shows percentage market share of different brands for two periods. The chart on the right shows the extent of difference using a bar chart. The positives are shown in green and the negatives are shown in red.

4. Absolute performance Plus Percentage composition

Another useful combination is to have a column chart that shows absolute performance values and a pie chart that shows percentage composition. Take a look at the following template for example:

Percentage Composition Dashboard

Since the combination provides both the absolute and relative perspective of the figures, the readers get a better understanding of the business situation.

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5. Percentage completion and reason for delay

Good dashboards anticipate the needs of the readers. Take a look at the following template for example:

Project Dashboard PowerPoint

The chart on the left shows percentage completion of different projects. Naturally the readers would want to know the reasons for delay. So, the pie chart on the right shows the percentage composition of various factors that cause the delay.

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While the above combination is specific to project management, the idea can be extended to any field. Let us see the application of the combination in sales reporting:

PowerPoint Sales Reporting Dashboard

The line chart on the left shows the number of orders received on various dates of a month. The pie chart on the right shows percentage composition of different products that were included in the order.


While good charts help managers get a better grasp of business situation, they take a lot of time and effort to create them from the scratch each time. A useful way to overcome the issue is to use preformatted data driven chart templates directly in PowerPoint. This allows you to update the values in the accompanying worksheet and the charts update themselves automatically.

A useful resource for business users:

If you want to create insightful PowerPoint dashboards without wasting a lot of your valuable time, we recommend you take a look at our Visual PowerPoint Graphs Pack. The pack has just about every chart type imaginable to help you analyze and present your numbers.

Browse Gallery The chart templates are surprisingly easy to use. You can take a look at this demo page to see the ease of use of our templates. Why waste time constructing your charts from the scratch, when you have such a high quality solution available off the shelf?

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