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Discover a simple way to create Folder diagram in 1 minute. Follow our step by step instruction to create this useful diagram in PowerPoint.

The PowerPoint Folder diagram you’ll learn today is:

PowerPoint Folder Tutorial

Once you learn to make this basic diagram, you can make your own variations like these:

PowerPoint Folder Variation

Since you may not get readymade folders in the exact colors you want, it helps to learn to create this diagram quickly.

Where to use the folder diagram?

You can use the folder to represent a collection of information:

Collect Folder Information

Or you can use it as an icon to represent categories or bundles:

Catgeory Folder PowerPoint

The uses for this versatile diagram are limited only by your imagination. Let us learn to draw this diagram in two simple steps:

Step 1: Draw the front layer

Draw a rounded rectangle using auto shapes menu. Right click on the shape -> Edit points. Remove the points indicated below by clicking on the relevant points and choosing ‘Delete Point’ option:

PowerPoint Folder Tutorial Step 1

You will end up with the following shape:

PowerPoint Folder Tutorial Step 2

Step 2: Create the layer at the back

Make a copy of the shape you just created. Reduce the size of the shape while holding the ‘Shift’ tab.  You will get the following result:

PowerPoint Folder Tutorial Step 3

This shape will form the base of the layer at the back. Draw a small ‘Rounded Rectangle’ and place it on the top right corner of this shape. This would form the tab for the folder.

Select the base and the rounded rectangle while holding ‘Shift’ key and use ‘Shape union’ option to merge them together.

PowerPoint Folder Tutorial Step 4

The last step is to send this shape back using ‘send to back’ option and giving it a darker shade.

PowerPoint Folder Tutorial Step 5

Your folder is ready. If you want to add a document inside the folder, you can place it between the two layers as follows:

Documents folder in powerPoint

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