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Create surprising text effect in PowerPoint with ease. Make your text appear like it is stitched on fabric. This tutorial has been updated with step by step video on creating the effect in later versions of PowerPoint.

Step by Step Video To Create Stitch Effect in PowerPoint


When you experiment with PowerPoint tools as often as we do, you sometimes stumble upon some text effects that take you by surprise. For example, take a look at this effect:

Stitch Effect Text

The text looks as if it is stitched on fabric. We found the result even more interesting when we filled the background shape with denim texture:

PowerPoint Stitched Text Effect Tutorial

The effect is quite easy to create. Let us learn to create it step by step.


The effect is created by combining 3 simple elements:

The elements are

  1. A solid rounded rectangle
  2. Outline of a rounded rectangle
  3. Your text (We have used the text ‘Metamorph’ here)

Let us understand the components in detail:

Step 1: Getting the fabric in place

Text effect Component 1

Go to Auto shapes menu and select ‘Rounded rectangle’ tool. Then, go to Format -> Shape styles -> Moderate Effect, Blue Accent 1.

Preset Blue Color Option in Menu

You will get a soft blue texture for the shape. This will serve as the fabric for us.

Then, to set the shadow effect, select the shape -> Shape effects -> Shadows -> Outer -> Offset center.

Shadow Shape Effect in PowerPoint

Now, your basic fabric is ready.

Step 2: Drawing the seam

Text effect Component 2

Make a copy of the rounded rectangle. Reduce the size of the shape and place it in the middle of the previous shape. Remove the fill and let the outline Line  be white.

Step 3: Creating the text with dotted outline

Text effect Component 3

Write your text. Let the font color be light grey. Select the text and follow these steps:

Dotted Outline PowerPoint

Go to Format -> Text outline -> Dashes -> Dash. Let the outline Line color be white. The outline of yourtextwill look as if the text is stitched to the fabric.

Variation on this PowerPoint Text Effect:

You can fill the background shape with the picture of any fabric texture you like. The result can be quite interesting as follows:

More Stitch Effect Options in PowerPoint

More text effects:

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