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First, we will show you the 5 big mistakes to avoid while creating your PowerPoint slides.

These mistakes and rules are elaborated with clearly laid out examples.

These elements are the foundation for making effective presentation slide design.

The 5 biggest mistakes to avoid in slide design:

1. PowerPoint is not meant to present micro details.

Use it to convey ‘ideas’.

PowerPoint is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution for all your communication needs. Using PowerPoint inappropriately can cost you business and weaken your brand image.

Learn here about when to use PowerPoint slides.

2. Bullet point slides put off your audience.

Say it with visuals.

Audiences have a natural aversion to bullet point slides. It tells them that you don’t care enough to make your message easy for them to absorb.

Read here to know the 5 Rules for Effective Presentation Slides.

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3. Busy slides overwhelm your audience.

Convey one thought in one slide.

When it comes to PowerPoint slide design, more is definitely not better. Your busy slides look like a flea market display to your audience. They get overwhelmed and switch off.

4. Decorative pictures are distracting.

Use pictures with purpose.

Full bleed photos may make your slides look beautiful. But, using photos only for decoration ensures that your audience lose track of your presentation. Your audience gets too absorbed in the images and loses sight of your message.

Read here to know about Presentation Layouts.

5. Clever slides are a waste of time.

Keep them simple

Clever slides don’t make as much impression on your audience as clear slides. Creating whacky slides to arouse curiosity in your audience backfires – in a business environment.

Save your ‘thrills and frills’ for other media.

When it comes to presentation slide design, focus on simplicity and clarity. Read here to know how to evaluate your slides.

To conclude…

When you understand these common mistakes and the reason why they lead to ineffective presentations, you will begin to realize the rules that lead to effective Presentation Design.

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