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In the following before and after presentation makeovers, you will see the difference visual diagrams can bring to your PowerPoint slides.

PowerPoint Makeover Examples

Social Media Before and After Presentation Example

Visual Presentation Makeover
Topic : Social Media

A practical example of converting a text based slide on impact of social media into a visual presentation using a simple powerful diagram.

Social Media Before and After Presentation Example

Visual Diagram Makeover
Topic : Managing Email

Convert a text based slide into simple powerful visual diagram. See the significant difference in impact between the two formats.

PowerPoint Diagram Before and After Table

Boring Table To PowerPoint Diagram
Topic : Business Presentation

See a presentation example of how you can makeover a boring table into a simple PowerPoint diagram. See the difference in clarity and effectiveness of the message.

Visual Concepts Before and After

Visual Concepts Example
Topic: Computing Interest

Learn how to simplify complex ideas by expressing them as Visual Concepts. In this article, we will makeover a standard text based slide you would see in any training or corporate classroom.

Visual Presentation for Audit Before and After

Visual Audit Presentation Makeover
Topic: Yearly Audit

An example of how a boring text based slide on the topic of yearly audit schedule can be made more interesting and clear by organizing information in a visual way.

Information Visualization Makeover

Information Visualization Makeover

Discover 3 steps to visualize information better. Move from the usual text based slides to memorable visual presentations easily.

A Quick word about Presentations

Most presenters usually don’t go beyond listing points as a standard bullet point. They stay with the standard text formats provided by their presentation software.

Presentation Example Text Based Slides

Why create visual presentations?

Audiences today are over-communicated. They are therefore inattentive when faced with the regular text based slides. Over time, with the experience of creating critical business presentations, we have found Visual Diagrams to be a powerful tool.

Presentation Example Visual Slide

Visual Diagrams have multiple advantages.

  • Add depth to your ideas:
    Diagrams are not only visual but they help to add depth to the core idea.
  • Truly Professional:
    Diagrams can create an impact in the any serious presentation. Unlike clipart or generic images, they keep the presentation focused and professional.
  • Really Versatile medium:
    They are extremely versatile and can be used to explain any situation or process. You also dont need to spend time looking for an exactly matched photo to represent an idea.
  • Audience focused:
    A good diagram makes your information easy to absorb, puts your audience at ease and creates the curiosity so they listen to your presentation.

In our Visual Presentations eBook, we show you how to create visual diagrams with our proprietary 3 step process. There are multiple before and after business presentation examples to ensure you can learn the simple process thoroughly.

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