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The PowerPoint Infographics Section has a range of  tutorials related to creating creative info graphics and tips for data driven graphs.

Articles in this section

New IconThis section starts with creative graphics you can create your represent data. Instead of using the usual inbuilt graphs, you can use these options and add more insights to your data.

Stacked Coins in PowerPoint

Stacked Coins in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Gauge

PowerPoint Gauge

Using Graphics To Represent Data

These tutorials cover ways to represent data that are not data-driven. You can use them to highlight a critical point or make the information easy to understand.

Creative Infographic with Pencil Icon

 Infographic with Pencil Icon

Create Pictographs in PowerPoint

Pictographs in PowerPoint

Info Graph with Shopping Bag icon

Info Graph with Shopping Bag

Dramatic Battery

Battery Diagram

3D Column Chart

3D Column Chart Graphic

Phone Pictogram

Phone Pictogram Placeholder

Data-Driven Graphs : Tips & Tricks

In this section you’ll find tips and tricks for presenting data-driven graphs creatively. A number of hidden features of PowerPoint are revealed in these articles:

Pie Chart: 3 Big Issues and Solutions

Pie Chart: 3 Big Issues and Solutions

Line Chart: 3 Useful

Line Chart: 3 Useful Tips

Formatting Tips for
Bar chart

Formatting Tips for Bar chart

Designer Pie chart Frame

Designer Pie chart Frame

Formatting Tips for Charts in PPT 2010

Formatting Tips for Charts in PPT 2010

Data-Driven Thermometer

Data-Driven Thermometer

Trick for Hand drawn Charts in PowerPoint

 Hand drawn Charts in PowerPoint

Stylizing Bubble

Bubble Chart

 Using Info graphics:

PowerPoint Info Graphics need to be used only occasionally. It is better to avoid info graphics in the following cases:

  • When the data needs to be understood in detail
  • When there are too many data points
  • When it will not add value

In these cases, it is best to use regular inbuilt graphs in PowerPoint. All you need is to use small tips and tricks to highlight and present the data with clarity.

When the graphic will not interfere with clarity of your message, you can use the creative formats suggested above. When using such graphics for data, ensure that:

  • The graphic represents the data accurately
  • It is easy to understand
  • The graphic has some relevance to the topic of the presentation

If you liked this section on graphs, do visit the detailed data visualization section for more ideas and tips.

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