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Before understanding how to make effective slides, presenters need to remember this:

Slides are visual aids that accompany the presenter.

play-document-iconSometimes presenters forget this in making slides. Their slide design makes their presentations look like presocuments i.e. presentations that are used like documents.

With this in mind, here are the top 5 rules for using slides in presentations.

1.  Make your message obvious

This is the rule that guides every other rule in making effective slides. Though it sounds straight forward and intuitive, the rule is often flouted by presenters.

The rule requires you to be clear about the main point of your slide, and ruthlessly cut down all the clutter that shrouds the main point.

The rule is especially relevant when you present data in PowerPoint.

2. Make it easy to absorb

Words are ineffective in communicating your ideas fully. Photos are effective only to the point of triggering emotions.

Your audience needs a more effective tool to understand and absorb your concepts. They need to know how the various elements in your idea relate to each other. The most effective solution to this is to use simple diagrams.

Click here to know how to convey your concepts in a memorable way using visual diagrams.

3. Capture the emotions with Images

A thousand words can’t capture the emotions conveyed in a single picture. Images make your communication powerful. By images we don’t mean those cheesy pictures of two executives shaking hands in front of a globe.
We do not mean cheap clip art or dancing animations either. We mean images that bring out real emotions.

4. Enhance clarity with layouts

We follow a number of conventions while reading presentation slides. If your slides violate those conventions, the message is lost.

Read here to know about the basics of slide layout.

You’ll also learn all the hygiene elements that make your slides look clear and clutter free.

Make your presentations remarkable, right from the outline to slides to delivery. Sharpen your presentation skills by working with detailed examples and exercises.

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5. Save your time and effort with the right templates

Using templates is time efficient. Right templates can make your slides look elegant. They can transform your bullet point slides into professional slides in a matter of minutes.

By templates we don’t mean those unprofessional backgrounds you get on the net for free.

We mean PowerPoint templates designed by professionals who understand business presentations.


To conclude…

These 5 rules for presentation slides are a good starting point to set you in the path of making effective PowerPoint presentations.

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