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Are you losing your audience attention during your presentation?

It could be because your presentation flows poorly. Learn simple presentation tips to make your presentation flow easily. It is something even experienced presenters miss out on.

You can read on how to make the entire presentation flow with a story here.

Before we tell you the tip, we wish to give you some context on why you lose audience attention.

Break = Opportunity to surf:

We all surf channels while watching television. But, do you know what triggers the surfing urge?

Answer: A momentary break in the flow of the program.

Studies show that people don’t surf when they are fully absorbed in the program. They surf when the flow breaks. They see the break as a chance to take a mental stroll, to explore if there are more engaging options elsewhere.

The same thing happens during your presentation too. You don’t lose your audience while explaining your slide…

You lose audience when the presentation flow breaks in between slides.

Once your audience takes a mental stroll, they may never return.

How do you hold your audience attention at all times? How to make your presentation flow so smoothly, that they lose sense of time during your presentation delivery?

The secret is – verbal transition.

What is verbal transition?

A verbal transition – is the words you say to connect the content of one slide to another slide. It is a technique you consciously use to make your slides flow like a story. This story is in additional to what you create at stage of creating an outline.

The logic behind verbal transition:

According to Information Gap theory by Dr. George Lowenstein, our mind always wants to fill the gap between existing knowledge and new information.

So, when you pose a problem at the beginning of your slide, your audience wants to listen to the rest of your slide, to find the answer.

Now, here is the secret – before you end the slide, pose a new problem that will only be solved in the next slide.  This will create the itch of curiosity that holds their attention till the end of next slide. Of course, you know what to do at time…Yes. Pose another problem. That is the secret to holding your audience attention till the end of your presentation.

Take a look at the difference between the usual slides and the smooth flowing slides…

Presentation Tips For Flow
If you know how to use verbal transition well, you’ll have your audience eating out of your hands.

How to structure a verbal transition?

A typical verbal transition summarizes the previous slide and gives a preview of the next slide. The script is…

So far, we’ve seen ————-. In the next slide, I’ll show you the solution for ——————


Now, that we’ve seen —————-, it is time to find —————–

Fill the blanks to build the suspense.

One absolutely vital rule for your verbal transition to succeed:

You must say the transition words before you show the next slide, and not after.

This requires you to be thorough with your slides. You should’ve rehearsed your slides sufficiently to know what is going to come in your next slide. If you violate this rule, your transition will drag.

Take a cue from your television channels:

Television networks know the importance of transition hooks. That’s why they tease you with what’s to come after the break. They make sure they end every episode with a suspense, to make you want to see the continuation the next day.

These presentation tips should give you enough cues to build verbal transitions in your presentation.

Practice the presentation transitions while rehearsing:

Write down the transition words for every slide in your speaker notes. Practice your slides with these transition words. Watch your presentation flow easily.

These presentation tips will ensure your next presentation keeps your audience engaged completely.


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