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These tips help in creating presentations better and faster. They are also a great resource for training. Please click to read more of each article in this section.

World Class business presentations10 Tips for World Class business presentations
Here are the 10 tips to make world class business presentations. You can apply these ideas in your next business presentation.  If you would like to keep these 10 tips handy, you can view and download the related infographic.
PowerPoint PresentationsWhen to Use PowerPoint Presentations?
In this article, we’ll talk about when to use PowerPoint presentations and the right medium to use when PowerPoint is not appropriate.
Use PowerPoint PresentationsCreate PowerPoint Presentations Fast by Recycling
Don’t let your hard work in creating slides go waste. Learn a methodical way to recycle your PowerPoint slides and save loads of time. 
Not Use PowerPoint Small3 Reasons To Not Use PowerPoint When You Ideate
Most presenters, when asked to create a presentation, begin by opening PowerPoint program on their computer. There are 3 clear reasons why you shouldn’t do so.

Presentation Resources Folder SmallPresentation Resources to Save Time
Do you spend too much time gathering resources before every presentation? Here are 11 tips on how to save time and increase your efficiency in creating presentations. 
Presentation Tips to Avoid SmallTop 7 Presentation Related Tips to Avoid
There is no dearth of tips about presenting on the web. Here are 7 popular tips for presentation you should NEVER FOLLOW if you want to make winning business presentations.
Presenting on Web SmallInterview: Tips about Presentation on Web from Ellen Finkelstein
In this exclusive interview with Arte of Presentation Process, Ellen shares her tips for taking your presentation on web through webinars and online slide-sharing sites. 
Video Conference SmallHow to Video Conference
Sometimes presenters are expected to present over voice or video conferencing. Here is the step-by-step process of how such presentations can be made more effective.
Presentation EdgeHow to get an EDGE in your presentations?
Guest Post By Expert Kathryn MackenzieTo avoid mistakes that dull presenters make and ensure you deliver a dynamic presentation, here are some key tried and true pointers.

Presentation linked in for Business SmallPresentation: Using LinkedIn Groups for Business
LinkedIn Provides a large network of professionals. This presentation shows how business users can take advantage of the LinkedIn Groups to generate leads for business.

Software for powerPoint SmallTop 3 Free Software for PowerPoint Users
PowerPoint is a commonly used tool by presenters. Here is the Top 3 software we recommend that can add to your PowerPoint experience.

Presentation Skills Training: How to Evaluate the Video Recording
If you video record your participants making their presentations, here are the 3 parameters on which you should evaluate your participants. 
presentation skills training videos smallTop 10 YouTube Videos You Can Use in Presentation Skills Training
Here are the top 10 Youtube and Videojug videos related to presentation delivery skills that you can use in your training program.

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