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Discover a simple way to draw Projector Screen using PowerPoint. Follow our step by step instruction to create this useful diagram.

The projector screen image you’ll learn is:

Projector Screen Image
Isn’t the diagram beautiful? You can create this useful diagram using just the basic auto shape tools in PowerPoint.

Where to use the screen diagram in your presentations?

You can use the diagram to showcase a product shot, a picture or a quote. You can also use it to display screen shot images.

Example of using Screen for Quote
You can use the template in your e-learning courses to teach PowerPoint or Presentation skills.

Teaching with Screen Projector
The uses for the diagram are limited only by your imagination. Let us learn to create this diagram in a step wise manner.

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Step 1: Create the screen

Go to Auto shapes menu. Select the ‘rectangle’ tool to draw two rectangles- one bigger than the other. Place the smaller rectangle slightly towards the bottom edge of the bigger rectangle. Fill the bigger rectangle with black color and the smaller one with white. Write your text inside the smaller rectangle. This forms our projector screen.

Basic Screen Image

Step 2: Draw the upper beam

Draw a long horizontal rectangle that forms the top beam. We need a ‘D’ shape on either sides of the rectangle to serve as holders for the beam. You can use ‘Delay’ tool in auto shapes menu to create the shape. Go to Auto shapes menu -> Flow chart -> Delay tool

Delay Autoshape
Leave a small space between the beam and the holders. The result should be as follows:

Top Beam for Screen
Group the three shapes together. Right click on the group; go to Fill -> PowerPoint Gradient Fill -> Preset colors -> Chrome II.

Chrome Present Gradient

The result should be as follows:

Place the group on top of the screen you created in Step 1. Your diagram should look like this:

We use a similar chrome gradient when creating balance diagram as well.

Step 3: Draw the pipe at the bottom edge of the screen

Copy the top beam. Reduce the width of the beam to create a narrow pipe.

Go to Auto shapes menu -> Basic shapes->select ‘Block arc’ tool.

Block Arc Menu
Create a small arc and fill it with black color and remove outline. Invert the shape and stick it to the bottom edge of the narrow pipe you just created:

When you place this along the bottom edge of the screen your Projector Screen Image should be complete. You can also add drop shadow to the shapes to give your diagram a more realistic look.

Final Screen Projector Image PowerPoint

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The screen diagram you just created is a useful placeholder for your text. We wish to show you…

Some variations for Projector screen image:

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Mission Statement from CEO Pack

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Text Box Example from CEO Pack

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