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Discover creative ideas to draw relationship models and diagrams in PowerPoint using Arc tool in auto shapes menu. Make your next business presentation remarkable.

About Relationship diagram in PowerPoint:

In business presentations you may often be needed to represent relationships between entities using diagrams. While most such diagrams are created using boxes and circles, we will explore some amazing uses of simple arc tool in auto shapes menu in PowerPoint to portray different kinds of relationships.

You will find the ‘Arc tool’ in Basic shapes section under Auto shapes menu.

Arc Too Once you have the basic arc, you can increase / decrease curvature using the yellow diamond handles. You can use the functions in the Shape Outline menu to create variations like these:

Interesting Arc Variation There is a lot that can be achieved with the simple Arc tool.

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Let us explore the diagram templates now:

Interaction between teams

Take a look at this team interaction diagram template:

Team interaction diagram template:

We used arc tool to represent interaction between three teams. Unlike a Venn, the diagram retains the attention on the teams rather than on the interaction. We added arrow tip to arcsto indicate the end points.

You can add arrow tips to both ends of the arcs to represent reciprocal relationship between teams as follows:

Source: Relationship Models from PowerPoint CEO Pack 2

Venn Diagram with a difference

The Arc tool allows you to represent interdependence between teams by varying the line colors. Take a look at the following diagram template for example:

Venn Diagram Templat The play of colors makes the diagram visually interesting while keeping the message subtle. If you want to show the interdependence in an obvious way, you can go for the following relationship diagram variation:

Variation Venn Diagra Related: Improve Venn diagram with Custom Animation

Interlocking Realationship

One of the biggest advantages of using an arc tool instead of a circle is – you can show interlocking relationships. For example, take a look at the following diagram template:

Interlocking Realationship Diagra

Source: Relationship Models from PowerPoint CEO Pack 2

The circular arrows seem to be interwoven. The colors indicate different processes or teams. Thus with a simple arc tool you can come up with interesting variations to show relationships between entities.

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