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Imagine this. You spend hours preparing for your important sales presentation. Your well polished slide deck covers every minor detail of your offering. But, the moment you open your laptop and launch your presentation, you hear your client saying,

“Thomas! I have to catch a flight. Can you tell me what you’ve got – in 2 minutes?”

How do you handle this situation?

The way you handle this question will determine whether you win or vanish in sales.Most amateur sales presenters panic in these situations and try to cover the entire 30 minute presentation in 2 minutes. Naturally, their client can’t understand a thing of what was said. The result is lost opportunity and lost business.

Expert sales presenters know the importance of a 2 minute sales presentation. They anticipate it in advance. They take the time to learn how to pitch their proposition in a short time, with impact. That is why they remain consistently successful.

Here is how you can prepare for your 2 minute presentation.

3 questions to pitch sales presentations in 2 minutes…

All you need to do is to find clear and convincing answers for 3 critical questions. They are:


What is the single most important tangible benefit offered by your product or service? The benefit needs to be clearly measurable.


How is your offering significantly different from other offers? The difference needs to be big enough for the customer to perceive the value.


What is the proof for your claim? The proof should be credible enough for your customer to accept without doubts.

Your answers to these questions will help you to pitch in 2 minutes.

Every one of those 3 questions is backed by solid research. They directly influence the decision making process of your customers.

Let’s understand the process with an example.

Let’s say, you want to pitch for listing and advertising on your e-commerce website. You set your presentation objective as follows:

Who is the last person: Vice President Marketing of a Large Tours and Travels Company.

What is the action: Decide List and advertise on my e-commerce website next month by spending at-least X dollars.

Why: Expect around Y% increase in customers visiting your tours and travels website.

Your answers to the three questions are:

Tangible Benefit: My e-commerce website has over twelve thousand visitors a day. These visitors are of your target profile i.e. businessmen and executives with income greater than hundred thousand dollars a year.

Significant Difference: We sell only products related to businessmen and professionals unlike other sites in our category.

Clear proof: The proof that we are a site suitable to your requirement is:

  • Your competitor listed with us and saw so-much percentage rise in traffic OR
  • A company similar to yours listed and saw so-much percentage rise in income etc.
  • Here is the caveat. Though the questions are simple and direct, the answers to those questions are not easy. As you can see, all the points are backed with clear and relevant data and logic.

To make a successful pitch…

You will need to take the time necessary to come up with the best answers. Speak to your existing customers, get more information from your product team or interview the high-performing sales people to refine your answers.

Creating this 2 minute pitch should be your first priority for a sales presentation.

The process will give you a lot of clarity about your product or service, which in turn will reduce the fear of speaking when you make your next sales presentation.

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