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The best way to showcase your idea is to use visual presentations. In this article, you will learn the science behind why visuals help you get across your ideas with clarity.

Visual cues are important

Your eyes are the primary source of information for your brain. You are wired to absorb far more information from visual cues than from any other senses.

Brain visual area
Cognitive studies show that sight is the most used sense with over 75% of stimuli being received through visual perception.

A study conducted as recently as in 2008 suggests that listening skills improve when accompanied by strong visual stimuli.  (BMC Neuroscience August 12, 2008. Sound Adds Speed To Visual Perception)

Visual Communication is inborn…

As humans, we learned to communicate with pictures long before we invented words. The proof is present in the form of images in caves like the ones below:

visual presentation before
Words are a very recent phenomenon in our evolution.

That is why; they are quite ineffective in communicating our ideas. Even today, our mind translates words into visuals before processing its meaning.

What this means to you as a business presenter…

As a presenter, using slides helps process and retain information better.

It is not enough to use slides. You need to use them the right way, because…

Effective processing of information happens only when there is a clear link between what is being said and what is being shown. So content on slides needs to be well-coordinated with what is being said.

In this site, you’ll learn cutting-edge information about every aspect of effective slide making.

Before you learn about the right way to use visuals, it is essential to know and avoid the common mistakes made by presenters in using visuals.

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