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How to Create Flight Animation Effect in PowerPoint

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to create Flight Animation Effect in PowerPoint. You can follow this tutorial in any recent version of PowerPoint.

Click play to watch the video below.

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This animation effect is useful show path of a flight on a map.

You can use this kind of slide to show different travel options, event sequence across cities, scheduled to be followed or even the sequence in which different branches of your company was opened.

To follow the tutorial, you will need:
– Graphic or vector image of a flight
– Image of a Map

The PowerPoint animation effect consists of 2 components:
– The movement of the flight controlled by setting Custom Motion Path Animation
– The turning of the flight, controlled by Spin animation effects.

Hope you found this tutorial on how to create Flight Path Animation Effect in PowerPoint useful. If you did, please do share your feedback below.

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