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Insurance Company Presentation : Number Slide Makeover

In this post, we'll makeover a data-driven slide used for an Insurance Company Presentation into an creative and easy to understand infographic. The number slide looks more professional after the makeover. 

The slide we have used for makeover is from a presentation posted on the company website.

Here is the original Slide with the data-driven chart:


Industry: Insurance  

Presentation Type: Company Presentation

Type of Slide: Number Slide

This is a simple slide and it uses a default pie chart. There is a lot of text that the audience needs to understand and process. Let us see how we can makeover this slide.

Before selecting a template to use, we set the...

Criteria for Number Slide Makeover:

We wanted a slide with the following features:

  • check
    A number slide template that shows percentages ( Pie chart or Doughnut chart)
  • check
    A template which also allows to display the numbers clearly as infographics

We found that we need 2 PowerPoint Templates - the first with a Pie Chart and another with an infographic from the Comprehensive All In One Bundle.  Here are the templates we used for the makeover:

We deleted the bullet point text in the Pie Chart slide and replaced

Steps to makeover the slide:

  • 1
    Insert both the selected templates into the main presentation
  • 2
    Deleted the bullet point text from the Pie Chart slide. Copied the text boxes from Key Statistics slide into it.
  • 3
    Updated the data in the Pie Chart using Edit Data option.
  • 4
    Replaced the text in the statistics section with the text from the original presentation 

It was that easy to makeover the number slide !

Here is the final Number Slide after makeover:

Looks much more easy to understand, doesn't it?

If we compare the original slide and the made over slide, we can see the difference...

Before and After Slides:

PowerPoint Insurance Company Presentation Slide Makeover

The presenter would also feel a lot more confident presenting the new slide!  

It takes a lot of skill and time to create these data driven charts from the scratch. If you create report and data related presentations, then there  300+ fully data-driven and pre-formatted charts available in the Comprehensive All In One Bundle. You can copy our graph templates to your slides and edit the worksheet to create stunning presentations in minutes.

You will discover a whole new way to create professional slides without wasting your valuable time and effort with our  Comprehensive All in One Bundle.

The Bundle has 4020+ ready to use PowerPoint templates suitable for any presentation. Do go over and  take a look at the templates there.

Hope you found some inspiration to makeover your slides today! 

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