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Home  >  Affiliate Program We are a professional site that has targeted products. We focus only on making presentation skills remarkable. All our products are related to presentation skills as well. So, if you have target audience in the right segment, this can work very well for you. All you need to do is promote our products on your site and earn the commission. Sign up here. The products are straightforward and our sales pages clearly explains with examples what is to be expected. We also provide some great banner ads that you can copy-paste into your site to initiate a sale. You can earn  20%  of each sale.

Getting started is easy:

Open a free affiliate account in our system

Sign up with us for free by clicking on the link below. You will be paid through Paypal. This system allows us to track sales over 60 days, and provides you with real time information on your commissions. Join our Affiliate Program by entering your details below. An email will be sent to you with details to access your personalized sales tracking page and details of how to set up as an affiliate.

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Note: We no longer sell actively through MyCommerce platform.

Accessing Affiliate Resources:

After clicking on the sign-up link and joining the affiliate program, you will be able to log into your own Affiliate Admin, and can obtain your Hop Link code for your program to post to your Web site. You will also get access our affiliate resources page and find resources, links, product information, banner ads etc you can use. You will also find details like terms of payment.

Still have a query?

If you would like any further details, please feel free to contact us using the form . We will get back within 1 business day. Return to top of this page

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