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Arte & Ramgopal

Presentation Process was set up by Arte & Ramgopal.

We started our company Metamorph Training way back in 2008. At Metamorph, we do one thing and strive to do it better than anyone else:  
We help you present your ideas better

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  • Contest Winner on Slideshare: Presentation Horror Story Contest in 2010.  Our winning entry: Confessions of a Horrified Audience .
  • Featured Presentations: Many of our presentations have been featured by editors of Slideshare and Authorstream. These are extremely popular slide sharing sites online. You can see them in our Presentation Gallery.
  • Featured on various presentation websites: Interview by PowerPoint MVP Geetesh Bajaj on Indezine site,  by Susan of website Write-Out-Loud on effective business presentations. Our ebook have been reviewed by PowerPoint MVP – Ellen Finkelstein on her Blog. We have contributed to various presentation sites like Rethink Presentations and The Presentation Literacy Foundation Initiative 

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About Ramgopal >>

I worked in 2 multinational companies for over 15 years before taking the plunge as an entrepreneur. The last position I held was as Senior Vice President and Head of Sales Quality and Sales Coaching in HSBC –the banking giant.

What I found during this time…
During my stint with HSBC for over 7 years in various middle and senior level positions and in my earlier tenure with Eli Lilly & Co. – a pharmaceutical major, I noticed a void in the presentation skill levels of business executives.

Many of them had brilliant ideas, but they lacked the skills necessary to sell those ideas effectively to internal and external customers.

Since I experienced the kind of impact my presentation skills had, on my fast track career growth, I wanted to help others present their ideas better and reach their true potential.

This is me receiving Asia Pacific Top performer Award in HSBC from Naina Lal Kidwai, then CEO of HSBC India. She is one of the Fortune global list of Top women in business.

Fortunately, my wife Arte, shares my passion for helping people with their presentation skills.

What we decided to do…

So, we started Metamorph Training Pvt. Ltd, a training company that specializes in teaching presentation skills for business professionals and trainers.

The result…

We devised our own process for creating remarkable business presentations and named it the Minimal® process.

We tested every one of our suggestions for audience impact in our workshops and made sure that every step in the process is validated by sound research.

We bring a rare combination of four vital skills to help you learn the very best in creating business presentations.

What this means to you…
1. We have a rich and focused experience in corporate and business worlds. This helps us understand your challenges better.

2. Our PowerPoint skills are quite refined. You’ll find ample evidence in this site as you go through the Presentation Samples to verify our claim.

3. Our design skills are well recognized. You can take a look at our work with premier PowerPoint templates to see proof.

4. We have a strong process orientation. This helps us teach you every small step in the process of creating business presentations in a clear and consistent manner.

My Education: I have a post graduate degree in management from Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode- a premier B-School.

My Hobby: I enjoy playing Table Tennis. Its my favorite form of exercise.


About Arte >>

I worked for 12 years in the corporate world, before setting up Metamorph Training Pvt. Ltd. with Ramgopal. My 6 years with Oracle Financial Solutions (earlier I-flex solutions) gave me multiple opportunities to travel and interact with clients across the world.

What I found during this time…
Since my job centered on understanding and communicating the software needs of our banking clients based around the globe, I learnt the virtue of keeping it simple when it comes to communication.

What I learnt…

This came in handy while developing our proprietary presentation process called Minimal®, which is all about cutting the clutter and getting to the core of your message quickly.

My experience forced me to think from listener’s perspective while explaining complex and technical software concepts. You’ll find the influence of this when you go through our extensive coverage on conveying your ideas through simple diagrams and visuals.

So then…

When Ramgopal and I decided to pack the core content of our specialized workshops into a self learning video guide and build this site –Presentation-process.com around the principles laid out in the video guide – we were quite apprehensive.

Today, as we reach so many of you with our ideas and receive feedback of success with our principles– we feel a great sense of satisfaction.

I take this opportunity to thank you for taking your time to visit this site and learn about us.

My Education: I completed my graduation from Australia.
I have my post graduate degree in management from Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode.

No prize for guessing where Ramgopal and I met each other.

My Hobby : I enjoy design and am into mobile photography. You can find my work on Flickr here.

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