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Most presenters usually take a long time to prepare their opening slides. Very few take the trouble to make a strong closing.

Audience pay most attention at the beginning and the end of a presentation. It is important therefore, to use the closing slide meaningfully. Using simple Thank You Slides is a waste of a good opportunity.

Here are 3 suggestions on how the closing slides can be used to create an impact.

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Presentation Transcript

Have you ever seen this strange phenomenon…
Presenters may take a lot of effort to create a good opening for their presentation

They don’t usually plan a good CLOSE  for their presentation!

Its strange because, all their effort is wasted and they end up losing potential business

2 reasons to plan your close carefully
•     After the presentation, what they discuss with their colleagues  affects the decision making process
•    The Q and A session leaves the last impression on your audience that stays in their mind

So, here are 3 tips to help close your presentation better

Suggestion 1: Summarize
Summarize your key differentiators after the Q and A session

If possible, make a one page handout, listing the top benefits and distribute them

Suggestion 2: Remind
Make a slide that shows happy audience and your product shot
Leave the slide on  for your audience

Suggestion 3: Provide Contact Details
Contact Details
Phone No
Social Media

If your audience need more information to decide, you may also leave the brochure.
Remember to plan the end of your presentation carefully!

These simple tips will make a winning difference in your next presentation. Try them.


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