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PowerPoint Time Savers IconWhen you make presentations frequently, any small tip that saves a few minutes can add up to many hours of time saved in the long run. In this article, you will find some interesting time saving options to improve your productivity in PowerPoint.

1. Reach Anywhere fast with Alt key:

Alt keys are amazingly useful to learn shortcuts in PowerPoint. When you press the Alt key you get the following view on the screen:

Alt Key Shortcut PowerPointYou can then press the alphabet to choose the tab you would to go to. For example, you want to go to View tab, you press ‘W’.

When you press the alphabet, it takes you to the ribbon that belongs to the relevant tab. From there you can choose the tool you need. For example, we want to go to the Master slide by pressing ‘M’:

Shortcut to Access PowerPoint RibbonsOnce you are used to working with Alt based shortcuts, you can go to any tool directly by pressing the relevant alphabets while holding the Alt key. For example, to reach the Slide Master as shown above, you just press W and M while holding the Alt key.

Note that the Alt key activates even the tools in Quick Access Toolbar as shown in the earlier visual. Over a period of time, using Alt key based shortcuts can save you a lot of time.

2. Insert Special Symbols fast by typing characters:

It is not always easy to search for symbols inside the Symbols dialog box. PowerPoint allows you to enter a few commonly used symbols by typing a few characters. For example:

Typing (C) gets you to © symbol for Copyright

Typing (TM) gets you to ™ symbol for Trademark

Typing (R) gets you to ® symbol for Registered

3. Save time typing by using Autocorrect option:

Did you know that Autocorrect option saves you tons of time when you type complex and long words?

Let us say you want to make a presentation on Massachusetts. You don’t want to write the name of the state over and over again. You can program the name of the state in Autocorrect option by assigning a set of characters. For example, you can assign ‘mmm’ for Massachusetts and click on ‘Add’ button and press OK as shown below:

Setting up Autocorrect in PowerPointThe next time you want to type Massachusetts you just need to type “mmm” and press the spacebar. The word automatically gets added.

Make sure that the character set you assign is not something that you use normally in English. For example, ‘abc’ is a good set, whereas ‘abs’ is not, because the character set is seen in the same order – in words like tabs, cabs etc. There are not many words with ‘abc’ characters coming together in the same order.

To go to Autocorrect option go to File -> Options -> Proofing -> AutoCorrect Options… button.

PowerPoint Autocorrect MenuPowerPoint Autocorrect Menu

The above tips should help you save some time next time you make presentations.

Thus, you have learned 2 different ways in which to change the PowerPoint text direction and make your slides more interesting.

Another way to save time:

As a busy business presenter, you may find that there are certain areas of work in PowerPoint that are critical for your presentation success and there are certain areas of work that totally waste your time. While working on your content and presentation structure are critical, designing graphics and diagrams from scratch and polishing the look and feel of your slides are total time wasters.

However, there is no denying the fact that the quality of your slides makes a significant difference in terms of the brand image you project. Is there a way to save time by purchasing off-the-solutions like diagram templates?

Yes. At Presentation Process we understand your need as a business presenter. That is why we came up with our PowerPoint 2 CEO Pack Bundle – 1500+ premium quality charts, graphics and diagram templates in PowerPoint.

2 CEO pack Bundle

All the templates are 100% editable and are easy to use. Just choose the template that matches your thought and replace the sample text with your own text. Your business slides get ready in no time. You can even copy diagram and design elements from different presentations to come up with your own set of diagram templates.

Why waste time creating your graphics and diagrams from scratch, when you have such a high quality solution available off the shelf?

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