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In this article, you will find creative ideas to derive maximum value from the presentation evaluation exercise.

Video analysis can get quite boring after the initial few videos. Participants lose interest after they finish watching their own videos.

Here are ways to avoid the problem and ensure that you derive maximum value from the training evaluation session.

Having a few standard parameters for presentation skills training evaluation ensures that the training and feedback session does not go all over the place. It also avoids discussions on obviously negative body language related issues.

2. Get participants to evaluate

Distribute as many copies of the evaluation sheet as there are participants in the room. For example, if there are 8 participants in a class room distribute 8 evaluation sheets each. (If the program has a large number of participants, you may decide on the number of evaluations to be made by each participant)

Ask participants to evaluate all the videos based on the parameters listed. This includes self evaluation. This helps your participants internalize the evaluation parameters.

Evaluating participants

 Presentation Evaluation Comparison Image

3. Focus on Strengths

As soon as they finish watching a video, ask them to write down two areas of strength of the presenter, in the space provided in the sheet. (Please note that there is no space for negative observations).

This helps in two ways:

  1. It forces them to observe the videos objectively
  2. At the end of the session, when you collate the sheets from everyone and hand them over to the relevant presenters, the positive comments boost their confidence to a great extent

4. Appoint a Champion

A useful variation is to appoint a champion for each of the parameters. The champion is responsible for evaluating presentations based on the parameter assigned to him/her.

This method provides for a much deeper analysis. Keep rotating the parameters among the champions to give everyone an equal opportunity to observe on all parameters.

You (the trainer or manager) conclude every video analysis by mentioning 2 strengths and 1 area of improvement for each participant. Specific observations can be discussed in private.

If you are looking to evaluate just the PowerPoint Slides, you can find an interesting write up here.

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Happy Training!

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