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One of the most critical presentations you would make as a manager is to present your data to senior managers. This presentation could be for

  • Presenting data on your team’s performance
  • Presenting your idea for approval
  • Requesting for budgets

If you are influenced by any of the 3 common myths, you may find your presentation less effective.

Here is a look at the 3 myths that destroy most data presentations, and our recommendations on how you can succeed in data-focused presentations.

Presentation Transcript

  1. 3 Myths About Presenting Data to Senior Management
  2. Maybe, you are uncomfortable presenting charts and figures to senior management
  3. If you want your projects to survive the proposal stage…
  4. If you want to stay alive in the corporate jungle…
  5. If you want to move up the career ladder…
  6. You need to learn how to present your data the right way
  7. Let’s look at the 3 myths that destroy most data presentations…
  8. MYTH 1: You need to gradually build your numbers story to final climax
    So, most presenters love to flaunt their extensive groundwork before coming to the actual point
  9. MYTH 2: Graphs should reflect the thoroughness of your research
    Most presenters equate complexity of charts with believability of information
  10. MYTH 3: Numbers speak for themselves
    So, most presenters leave it to the audience to draw their own conclusions from their charts and tables
  11. Here is the reality…
  12. Your audience will NOT…
    • Process your data
    • Listen long enough
    • Draw the conclusions you want
  13. Your audience…
  14. …doesn’t have long attention span
  15. … gets distracted by unexplained data
  16. …prefers to tune off than to process
  17. So, here are our 3 recommendations to…
  18. Get them listening to you
    …and give you what you want

    • Performance
    • Ideas
    • Proposals
    • Promotion
    • Budget
    • Approvals
  19. Recommendation 1: Start with the end objective and build your case
    End Objective

    • Promotion
    • Budget
    • Approvals
  20. Here is how you move top down…
    INEFFECTIVE WAY Past statistics – Proposed Action – Market performance –
    Support required – Projections – Quotes – SWOT Analysis – Reasons why action is meaningful – Review parameters – More statistics – Expectations – Summary
    A BETTER WAY is to start with proposed action and inform supporting data
  21. When you state your wants upfront…
    • I need approval for my project
    • I need additional manpower
    • I need system support
  22. Your audience will follow your presentation to weigh the pros and cons of granting your request
  23. Your story will get you
  24. Recommendation 2: State the conclusion of your graphs in your slide titles
    Text explaining sales and details of whatever happened over this quarter and why sales is in all different directions
  25. Your audience will make the inference you want
  26. Recommendation 3: Use your slides to convey ideas. Details should go in a document handout
    You’ll spend time PERSUADING not explaining
  27. When you follow these 3 recommendations to presenting data, you’ll win business and win over your senior management
    • Start with end objective
    • Write clear conclusions for graphs
    • Use slides to convey ideas.

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